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Vivian is passionate about the natural world, assisting and documenting life and biodiversity as itbounces back from states of degradation. She is an ecologist who specializes in soil ecologyand applied soil life regeneration. She sees herself as a support system to farmers andlandowners who are at the front lines of the regenerative movement. Through her companyDocterre, founded in 2015, she has been educating, supporting and accompanying farmers intheir processes of regenerating soil biodiversity, understanding the connection between thehealth of subterranean biodiversity and above ground plant and ecosystem health andperformance, and helping them to develop the practical skills needed to do so. She has beenlooking at agricultural soils and composts across Quebec and Ontario under her microscope fora decade, supporting the work of ecologically innovative farmers and documenting their trialsthis way. Vivian is a master compost maker, providing compost inoculums that are ecologicallybalanced and biologically rich, which her clients use to make liquid compost extracts on farm.She has guided many farmers in on farm compost extract production, on farm composting,microscopy, and understanding the agroecological systematic approaches needed to go hand inhand with soil ecology for results in the field. She’s seen the reality of applying regenerativepractices on many types and scales of farms. Before founding Docterre, she taught andmentored Dr. Elaine Ingham’s soil consultants around the globe, was a graduate of McGill’sSchool of Environment and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in applied field ecology,and completed her Permaculture Design Certificate. Today she sees herself as an ecologist atthe service and support of a farmer-led regenerative movement, and her wish above all else isto see a renewed and thriving culture, reintegrated in ecology, and that the natural balance berestored.
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